Senior Instructor Neil McGillivray - 5th Degree Black Belt
5th Degree – Kenpo Karate (IKKA) International Kenpo Karate Academies
1st Degree – Modern Arnis (CMATS) Canadian Modern Arnis Training Studios
Executive Director/Associate Professor Instructor Karate for Christ Canada
Chief Instructor S.M.A.K.K. Defence Systems (Specialized Modern Arnis & Kenpo Karate)

Board Member International Kenpo Karate Academies - Canadian Director
Member of the Elite Kenpo Council

Member of the Kenpo International Hall of Fame - GOE 2017
Ontario Representative of the Canadian Modern Arnis Training Studios

National Judge/Referee World Kickboxing Federation (WKF Canada)

Certified in Ontario Use of Force Theory
Cane Instructor - CaneMasters International
Kickboxing Instructor - Joe Lewis Fighting Systems
Women’s Self Defence Instructor – SMAKK Defense Systems

Certified in Emergency First Aid, CPR Level C and AED

Neil McGillivray began his martial arts training in 1983 in the study of Tracy’s Kenpo Karate
and Modern Arnis under Master Michael Donovan (9th Dan under Dennis Tosten, 7th Dan under Joe
Lewis, Master Donovan was the former National Director of International Modern Arnis Federation).
McGillivray is currently a 4th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate (IKKA). He also holds a 1st
degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis (CMATS). Over the years Neil has received direct instruction
from: Grandmaster Al Tracy (Tracy’s Kenpo), Senior Master Huk Planas (American Kenpo), Master
“Kenpo” Joe Rebelo (EPAKK), Master Pat Munk (Tracy’s Kenpo), Master Jorn Brandt (EPAKK), Master
Jamie Seabrook (CKF), Grandmaster George Lim (Hawaiian Kenpo), Guro Jordan Dellabough
(CMATS), World Champion Joe Lewis (Joe Lewis Fighting Systerms), UFC Champion Carlos
Newton (BJJ), K-1 Champion Michael McDonald (Kick-boxing), Diana Inosanto and Ron Balicki (Kali Knife Fighting), Master Joseph Simonet (Doce Pares). In 2002 McGillivray founded Karate for Christ Canada, and is currently the Executive Director and Senior Instructor. Neil McGillivray is uniquely qualified to teach martial arts from a Christian perspective. He is an Ordained Minister with Anchor Ministerial Fellowship and a Chaplain with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada. He has served as a full-time Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor has taught as Adjunct Faculty at Emmanuel Bible College, and is an experienced Christian leader.

Sensei Keith Elka, Head Instructor Kitchener Dojo, 1st Degree Black Belt, KFCC

Sensei Gary Schnurr, Head Instructor Woodstock Dojo, 1st Degree Black Belt, KFCC


Sempai David Barata, Lead Instructor Alliston Dojo