Karate for Christ Canada

Welcome to Karate for Christ Canada.
Karate classes for everyone, ages 4 to adult.
All fitness levels welcome.

We are not just Christians that teach karate,
we are more than that.

We train up Warriors for Christ. We train Dragon Slayers.



Free Karate lessons...for life.

Since 2001 we have been coming alongside the local church to reach their community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that karate is a great way to combine our love of Christ, our love of martial arts and our love of people.

There are so many good reasons to join Karate for Christ Canada. We believe that martial arts are a gateway to improving your life in so many ways. Some arrive at our studio in search of developing confidence, physical fitness and stopping bullying. Others are looking to deepen their faith as they study martial arts and study the scriptures.

Whatever your motivation, you will discover an inspiring world of self-transformation.

Join us! You will be so grateful you did.

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Meet the Team

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Who We Are

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Master Instructor -  Neil McGillivray
6th Degree Black Belt

6th Degree – Tracy's Kenpo Karate (Tracy International Studios of Self Defense) 
1st Degree – Modern Arnis (CMATS) Canadian Modern Arnis Training Studios
Executive Director/Senior Instructor Karate for Christ Canada
Chief Instructor S.M.A.K.K. Defence Systems (Specialized Modern Arnis & Kenpo Karate)

Board Member Gospel Martial Arts Union

Member of the Kenpo International Hall of Fame - GOE 2017 Dallas, TX
Ontario Representative of the Canadian Modern Arnis Training Studios

National Judge/Referee World Kickboxing Federation (WKF Canada)

Certified in Ontario Use of Force Theory

Close Protection Specialist Level I - Universal Training Solutions

Handcuffing and Subject Restraint Certification - Durham College
Cane Instructor - Cane Masters International
Kickboxing Instructor - Joe Lewis Fighting Systems
Women’s Self Defence Instructor – SMAKK Defense Systems

Certified in Emergency First Aid, CPR Level C and AED

Neil McGillivray began his martial arts training in 1983 in the study of Tracy’s Kenpo Karate
and Modern Arnis under Grand Master Michael Donovan in London, Ontario. 
Neil McGillivray is uniquely qualified to teach martial arts from a Christian perspective. He is an Ordained Minister  and Chaplain.  He has served as a Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor and has taught as Adjunct Faculty at Emmanuel Bible College, and is an experienced Christian leader.


Sensei Keith Elka
2nd Degree Black Belt

2nd Degree Black Belt - Kenpo Karate - Karate for Christ Canada
Advanced Brown Belt - Modern Arnis - Karate for Christ Canada
Head Instructor Karate for Christ - Kitchener Dojo
Keith began his martial arts training with Karate for Christ back in 2007 at Grace Bible Dojo in Preston, and has been on the leadership team since 2012. Keith is excellent with weapons and in particular with the Bo staff and Kama's. He is a church  elder at Kitchener Gospel Temple. Keith has led men's ministry's over the years and has been on several short term missions trips. He has a heart for missions and for the lost. He is a very loving and strong Christian leader.


Sensei Ron Poulin
2nd Degree Black Belt

Sensei Ron, is a 2nd Degree Black Belt, and former soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces, with over 10 years of martial arts training.


Sensei Richard
2nd Degree Black Belt

Sensei Richard,  is a 2nd Degree Black Belt, in Kenpo Karate and a Black Belt in Wado Kai, with over 15 years experience in martial arts.


Sensei Scott Wagner

Sensei Scott, is a 1st Degree Black Belt, and Bible College graduate, with nearly 8 years of martial arts training. He loves to train in karate but even more he loves to preach the gospel.


Sensei Jessica Buczynski

Sensei Jessica, is a 1st Degree Black Belt, with over 10 years of martial arts training. Jessica is also a personal trainer and fire fighter. She is an incredible role model for young girls. Jessica is the most upbeat and postivie person I know and always lights up any room she enters. She has a heart of gold and loves to help others.


Sempai Nathan Kloestra

Sempai Nathan is a Black Belt Candidate and will be testing for his 1st Degree Black belt any time now. Nathan has been training for almost 7 years.

Laura B.JPG

Sempai Laura Bosch

Sempai Laura has been training with KFC for over 10 years. She is a former member of Pastor Neil's youth group back in 1995.


Sempai Brandon Colvin

Sempai Brandon started training with KFC back in 2002. He left to study BJJ and Krav Maga and has returned to brush up his Kenpo and to join our Leadership Team. Brandon is a natural teacher and a tough competitor.



Something For Everyone


Little Ninja's Class

Little Ninja’s is a specialized program for children ages 4 to 6. It is a class that uses structured Martial Arts skills and fun activities to teach young ones about respect, focus, fine motor control, and other skills.

Kid's Class

Karate for Christ Canada children’s program uses Martial Arts as a vehicle towards self improvement. Martial Arts have always incorporated important values in their teachings. At our school we teach the “The  Seven Principles of a Christian Black Belt”. These are a set of values we incorporate in all our classes. The principles teach us how to live for Christ.

Teen/Adult Class

Our Teen/Adult Martial Arts program gives students all the benefits and knowledge of the Martial Arts while giving a great workout. At Karate for Christ Canada we teach several Martial Arts depending on the location, and the Head Instructors background.


Common Questions

What is the minimum age that a prospective student has to be to start?

We teach a program called Little Ninja's for ages 4-6 years old. We also teach a children's program for ages 7-12 years old, and a teen and adult program at KFCC.

Do I have to be a Christian to participate?

 Incoming students are not required to be Christians.  But is important to realize that we are a Christian program, and there is a Christian component to our curriculum.  It involves participating in a weekly Bible Lesson, the memorization of Christian Scripture, among other requirements as the student excels through the ranks.  It is our desire the non-believing student sees the truth of our faith while being a part of the program and makes the life saving decision to accept the offer of God’s salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  However, conversion to Christianity or a confession of faith is never required.

What are the costs to join and participate?

We rely completely on donations. There is no registration fee and classes are free. We suggest a donation of $ 35.00 towards your student gi, and suggest a $ 25.00 donation towards each belt grading to cover the cost of your new belt and certificate, for all levels.
It is the student’s responsibility to purchase the equipment that will be needed to participate in various areas of our program.  Examples are uniforms that need to be replaced, weapons that need to be purchased as they climb the ranks, and protective gear that they need to purchase for kumite (fighting).  These purchases can be made through the dojo.  If equipment is acquired outside of the dojo, the student should confer with the chief instructor to ensure the right gear is selected.

Is it right for Christians to defend themselves via Karate when the Bible says to “turn the other cheek?

This is a common misunderstanding of scripture by unbelievers and believers alike. In biblical times, a slap on the cheek was an insult, and Jesus is telling us here not to react to insults with violence, but with love. After all, insults cannot harm us. However, defending oneself or ones family (or others in physical danger) is a very compatible action with Christian scripture. Just prior to Jesus being taken to the Jewish high priests to be tried, he told his disciples to sell their clothes if they needed to so they could buy a sword, if they didn’t already have one. Jesus knew that they would be walking a dangerous road and wanted them to be able to defend themselves.

Why do you bow?  Isn’t that a part of an eastern religion?

Although bowing can be a cultural part of any religion, so can singing or praying.  Bowing itself is a-religious.  We bow because it is a traditional Okinawan sign of respect, just like a salute is a sign of respect in the military.

 Is there any eastern religious influence to karate?

 As in any secular endeavor, the religious practices of historical influential figures vary, and some of the masters of karate were followers of eastern religions.  However, the style of karate that largely influences our study and curriculum has no institutional religious components.  The original 18 hand movements were a form of fitness. Much later the Okinawans developed the movements into a means of self-defense.  


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