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We have the right program for you.

Something For Everyone


Little Ninja's Class

Little Ninja’s is a specialized program for children ages 4 to 6. It is a class that uses structured Martial Arts skills and fun activities to teach young ones about respect, focus, fine motor control, and other skills.

Kid's Class

Karate for Christ Canada children’s program uses Martial Arts as a vehicle towards self improvement. Martial Arts have always incorporated important values in their teachings. At our school we teach the “The  Seven Principles of a Christian Black Belt”. These are a set of values we incorporate in all our classes. The principles teach us how to live for Christ.

Teen/Adult Class

Our Teen/Adult Martial Arts program gives students all the benefits and knowledge of the Martial Arts while giving a great workout. At Karate for Christ Canada we teach several Martial Arts depending on the location, and the Head Instructors background.

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