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Common Questions

What is the minimum age that a prospective student has to be to start?

We teach a program called Little Ninja's for ages 4-6 years old. We also teach a children's program for ages 7-12 years old, and a teen and adult program at KFCC.

Do I have to be a Christian to participate?

 Incoming students are not required to be Christians.  But is important to realize that we are a Christian program, and there is a Christian component to our curriculum.  It involves participating in a weekly Bible Lesson, the memorization of Christian Scripture, among other requirements as the student excels through the ranks.  It is our desire the non-believing student sees the truth of our faith while being a part of the program and makes the life saving decision to accept the offer of God’s salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  However, conversion to Christianity or a confession of faith is never required.

What are the costs to join and participate?

We rely completely on donations. There is no registration fee and classes are free. We suggest a donation of $ 35.00 towards your student gi, and suggest a $ 25.00 donation towards each belt grading to cover the cost of your new belt and certificate, for all levels.
It is the student’s responsibility to purchase the equipment that will be needed to participate in various areas of our program.  Examples are uniforms that need to be replaced, weapons that need to be purchased as they climb the ranks, and protective gear that they need to purchase for kumite (fighting).  These purchases can be made through the dojo.  If equipment is acquired outside of the dojo, the student should confer with the chief instructor to ensure the right gear is selected.

Is it right for Christians to defend themselves via Karate when the Bible says to “turn the other cheek?

This is a common misunderstanding of scripture by unbelievers and believers alike. In biblical times, a slap on the cheek was an insult, and Jesus is telling us here not to react to insults with violence, but with love. After all, insults cannot harm us. However, defending oneself or ones family (or others in physical danger) is a very compatible action with Christian scripture. Just prior to Jesus being taken to the Jewish high priests to be tried, he told his disciples to sell their clothes if they needed to so they could buy a sword, if they didn’t already have one. Jesus knew that they would be walking a dangerous road and wanted them to be able to defend themselves.

Why do you bow?  Isn’t that a part of an eastern religion?

Although bowing can be a cultural part of any religion, so can singing or praying.  Bowing itself is a-religious.  We bow because it is a traditional Okinawan sign of respect, just like a salute is a sign of respect in the military.

 Is there any eastern religious influence to karate?

 As in any secular endeavor, the religious practices of historical influential figures vary, and some of the masters of karate were followers of eastern religions.  However, the style of karate that largely influences our study and curriculum has no institutional religious components.  The original 18 hand movements were a form of fitness. Much later the Okinawans developed the movements into a means of self-defense.  

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